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Promotional Flyer for a Business Book

The following promotional flyer was written to promote a business book called The Trusted Leader. Additional brochure samples are available.


A new business book for executives who want to build trust within their organizations

TTL Flyer

By Robert Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau

The Free Press, A division of Simon & Schuster ISBN: 0-743-23539-8

"Most of the many books on leadership are either vapid or worse ... This highly useful guide to leading by building and mobilizing trust is at once pragmatic and inspiring."
Carl Stern, CEO
Boston Consulting Group

How important is trust?
Very important, if you care about your company's financial performance. There's a direct correlation between trust and total returns to shareholders. How? Trust is an essential component of employee commitment. And a 2002 Watson Wyatt report shows that companies with highly-committed employees outperform low-commitment companies by 200 percent.

Yet, the Watson Wyatt report shows, only 39 percent of employees at U.S. companies trust their senior leaders. Mercer's 2002 People at Work Survey came to the same conclusion: only 34% of U.S. workers agreed with the statement, "I can trust management in my organization to always communicate honestly."

Managing the need for trust
Downsizing, pay cuts, mergers, restructuring, growth, change. What you need to do to keep the business strong can also be an enemy of trust.

The Trusted Leader is a guide for executives who want to lead their organizations with a trust-based, positive atmosphere and a solid bottom-line. The book:

  • Identifies the three critical types of trust that leaders need to master: strategic trust, organizational trust, and personal trust.
  • Introduces a practical and effective formula for building organizational confidence
  • Provides a unique analysis of the obstacles to trust and the sources of resistance to the building of trust inside organizations.

The value of trust inside
As business insiders and authors Robert Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau show, trust inside a company provides focus, fuels passion, fosters innovation, and helps employers to hire and retain the best employees. Trust inside, the authors argue, also builds trust outside by gaining credibility with today's skeptical consumer.

True stories, practical advice
Rich in true stories, examples and practical advice, The Trusted Leader guides leaders on:

  • Determining where trust is missing and how it can be supplemented in people, departments, and even whole companies
  • Rebuilding trust that has been broken or betrayed
  • Climbing the ladder of trust
  • Securing a legacy as a trusted leader
  • Building trust inside an organization - the key to every company's long-term survival and success.

Are you a trusted leader?
Visit to take an interactive self-assessment test and contribute your stories of trust. You can also read the Introduction, sign up for e-mail Trust Topics, and learn more about the book.

Ordering Information
The Trusted Leader is available at all your favorite bookstores, including:

About the Authors
Robert Galford, Managing Partner of the Center for Executive Development in Boston, has taught executive education programs at Columbia, Kellogg and most recently, Harvard. He is the co-author of The Trusted Advisor (with David H. Maister and Charles H. Green).
Anne Seibold Drapeau is Chief People Officer of Boston-based Digitas and has held management positions at Pepsi, J.P. Morgan, and FTD.

Don't miss the February 2003 Harvard Business Review article The Enemies of Trust by the authors of The Trusted Leader.

Praise for The Trusted Leader

"Since the bottom line is directly affected by people and how they feel about their work, The Trusted Leader shows us how building trust will keep the organization strong in the good times and the bad. The authors show us, through examples and lists, how to keep everyone working productively in a trust-based, positive atmosphere."
Richard Robinson
Chairman, CEO & President
Scholastic Inc.

"Most of the many books on leadership are either vapid or worse, promising a silver bullet that just doesn't exist. Galford and Drapeau focus on a simple, empowering truth -- employees' and colleagues' trust in managers yields success. This highly useful guide to leading by building and mobilizing trust is at once pragmatic and inspiring."
Carl Stern
Boston Consulting Group

"This is precisely the right book at precisely the right time. Trust in American leaders hasn't been at such a low ebb since the Vietnam/Watergate era. Rob and Anne give clear direction on how trust will be rebuilt - on strategic, organizational, and personal levels. I expect their advice to become the touchstone for a whole new generation of leaders who will place trust at the center of their operational and personal values."
George Colony,
Forrester Research, Inc.

"Rob Galford and Anne Seibold Drapeau have illuminated an overlooked aspect of the leadership equation. The Trusted Leader is practical and insightful. Extremely relevant in these days of executive excess."
Richard G. Hamermesh
Harvard Business School

"In this excellent and timely book, Galford and Drapeau show us how leaders consciously build and preserve the trust of their colleagues subordinates. This book ought to be in the hands of every manager who is serious about driving the longer term success of their organization."
Jon Younger
Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Leadership Development,
National City Corporation

"None of us or our organizations will be as successful as we'd like to be unless we heed The Trusted Leader's advice to incorporate trust consciously and thoughtfully into our business practices and management approaches."
Michael Goss
Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer
Bain Capital, LLC

"The Trusted Leader is extraordinarily well-written, engaging, and insightful about an ordinarily inscrutable topic. Building trust is the critical success factor of management, yet it is often nonexistent in today's world. This book is a must read for every MBA and anyone aspiring to move up the corporate ladder or holding a position of authority. Read it and succeed as a leader and a person."
Richard D'Aveni
Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business at Dartmouth
author of Hypercompetition.

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